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TB1.0 (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Hong Kong)

The interactive touchscreen TB1.0 is divided into two sections, which are the left zone—video theatre and the right zone—interactive icons.


Video Theatre : Mixing Advertising and Softer Promotional Material

The Theatre comprises a video loop, corresponding approximately to the length of the average taxi ride in our cities, so the passenger will see all of the content on the loop during their trip.

The video content is composed of a mix of paid television commercials and soft promotional material, because viewers tune out over time                                                                   if it is purely hard advertising.

Icons: Consumers Choose What Interests Them

On one side of the screen are rows of buttons we call Icons. Pressing any Icon leads to a corresponding interactive flash program. The first is usually a guide to what’s happening in the local city and the last is always a volume/on-off control.

Giving consumers choice and control is fundamental to our business model. We do not aim to “push” a specific ad on the viewer, but to let them select what is of interest. Hence, the range of material from which to choose. Our experience has shown that this dramatically raises the level of consumer use and involvement.

TB2.0 (Available in Shanghai)

For carrying out its strategic transformation more deeply, the company launched the new TB2.0 touchscreen at the end of 2014, which is also divided into two sections: video section and interactive section. Video section allows high-res full-screen playback; while interactive section offers passengers more options including interactive areas, functional areas, DSP display area and VOD areas.


More importantly, based on the hardware upgrade and backend system of TB2.0, Touchmedia has developed a series of new advertising products including dual screen interaction, VOD TVC, and O2O TVC, as well as several friendly services including “In-Taxi Charger”, “Touch Fun Points” and “Taxi ID Record”.

Advertising Products

Dual Screen Interaction:

Control the screen with smart phone via in-taxi WIFI (aka. TIFI)!

Allow passengers to have smoother entertaining experience

Our interactive engagement helps capture your consumers in a more effective way


Select the video you want to watch!

VOD TVC appears on the right of the Tile Menu Page.

Scroll through to select the video you want to watch in full screen brilliance.

Attract our consumers to view your content!


Get your passengers to connect with your TVC!

Passengers can click an O2O TVC to get special offers or more information

Use QR Codes to connect to your customer by providing special content, coupons, or other exciting offers