The Fingies Family, Laughmaker in Taxi!

Shanghai, March 13, 2015, Friday/ -- During International Women's Day of this year, four “finger figures " debuted in Touchmedia taxis throughout the country for the first time! They are the laughmaker in taxi--- "The Fingies Family"! (Zhi Zhi Dian Dian Jia Zu) "The Fingies Family" is four characteristic finger figures that Touchmedia appointed Anomaly, the New York well-known independent advertising agency to co-create. Their first humorous video : Men’s ”Must-Have” for International Women's Day has caught a majority of passengers' attention and appreciation since it debuted in early March. In the future, there will be more "The Fingies Family" content episodes displaying on Touchmedia screen.


Based on Touchmedia’s four new functions and features, Touchmedia and Anomaly use “finger” as its core element and create this four finger figures—“Classy Guy” who enjoys the high-res visual experience of Touchmedia screen; “Shopaholic” who uses【Touch Fun Points】to save money while she’s shopping; ” Tech Geek” who loves 【Dual Screen Interaction】 when playing games; and “Gossip Girl” who always charges her phone by 【In-taxi Charger】when chitchatting in the taxi. In the near future, they will introduce those services and functions of Touchmedia for passengers in a humorous way, allowing them to interact with the screen more easily.

Click to watch:

In the meanwhile, “The Fingies Family” Episode 1:Men’s ”Must-Have” for International Women's Day, takes this special day as the theme. In the video, despite bringing greetings to women, Touchmedia also expresses men’s worries in a funny way, as well as shows the audience a special TV shopping experience, recommending the “must-have” for men to ease their anxiety for the International Women's Day.

Micky Fung, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Touchmedia, noted, "As a media, content is always one of the cores. It is because Touchmedia starts to attach great importance to excellent original content production that ‘The Fingies Family’ was created. Besides, these finger figures will impress the passengers deeply by their interesting style and vivid stories, so as to encourage more passengers to interact with the screen in the coming marketing strategy".

What more fun stories will be happened to the members of “The Fingies Family”---“Classy Guy”, “Shopaholic”, ” Tech Geek” and “Gossip Girl”? And what kind of Actions they will tell about the latest hot topic via Touchmedia in the future? Let’s wait for their upcoming exciting videos!