Touchmedia, a strategic partner of “ The Voice of China”, Is Bringing An Unprecedented Entertainment Experience by in-Taxi Dual Screen Interaction!

Shanghai, June 3, 2015, Wednesday / - Recently, Touchmedia is formally authorized by Starry Production to become a strategic partner of in-taxi media of "The Voice of China” Season 4 of Zhejiang TV, beginning from mid-June till the end of this season. Touchmedia will utilize its unique mobile channel in taxi, combined with dual screen interaction, to provide more interesting interactive experience for passengers who love "The Voice of China”, as well as more effective and topical marketing methods for brands.


This collaboration is divided to two stages: warm- up period and grand launch period. During the warm-up period, in addition to "The Voice of China” Season 4 official tutor trailer, passengers will also see a special promo video produced by both sides on Touchmedia. Touchmedia hope to create the exclusive "The Voice of China” entertainment platform for taxi passengers and also provide more tailor-made marketing opportunities for advertisers.

During "The Voice of China” Season 4, Starry production jointly with Zhejiang TV will give Touchmedia fully support of content authorization. Leveraging with interactive screen and Touchmedia official wechat platform, using various interactive ways including quiz game, behind the scenes and Highlight video, Touchmedia will bring an unprecedented in-taxi dual screen interaction entertainment experience, and also allow brands to leverage "The Voice of China” content to create more friendly and personalized marketing opportunities in a one-to-one and closed-up taxi space.

Starry production says, "This is the first time ‘The Voice of China’ cooperating with the country's biggest interactive in-taxi media. We hope to allow more passengers to enjoy the music during their leisure or congestion time in taxi. At the same time, advertisers who are interested in "The Voice of China” can have more diversified marketing opportunities around the extension of the show.”

Micky Fung, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Touchmedia indicates, "In fact, Dual Screen Interaction has become one of the highlights of our media solutions this year. No matter the award-winning Pepsi case 'Take Joy Home, Barrage Interactive Campaign ’, or the in-depth collaboration with “The Voice of China” this time, Dual Screen Interaction can not only increase brand exposure, but also encourage consumers to bring brand message to their smart phone. We expect to have more brands to participate this Dual Screen Interaction campaign to energize your brand promotion!”