“3 Things to Do” for Taxi Passengers: Phone Charging, Points Collecting and Interactive Entertainment

Shanghai, Jan.30 2015,Friday/ --2015 Touchmedia Mobile Marketing Seminar was successfully held in Shanghai. How to make a busy week-day morning more interesting? For taxi passengers, they can’t enjoy their own leisure time until they get into a taxi. However, when you just sit down and want to call your friend for dinner, you find out your mobile phone is out of battery! Then you charge your phone via the interactive screen in the taxi right away. At the same time, you click the screen for member points accumulation so as to change to e-commerce coupons each month. This really saves you lots of money! Also, the traffic jam will never bother you, since you can kill time by playing games with mobile phone via controlling the interactive screen remotely. These scenes will soon come to reality in all Touchmedia taxis throughout the country!

Recently, the largest in-taxi interactive media company in China, Touchmedia, just held 2015 Mobile Marketing Seminar—《"Fingertips" New Lifestyle of Mobile Consumers》in Jing’an Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai. On the conference site, Bernard Auyang, the Executive Director and Co Chief Executive Officer of Touchmedia announces, “Touchmedia is now transforming from simple outdoor media into a tech-media company with mobile channel and smart data. The company will provide diversified mobile service network to taxi passengers, based on our unique advantages of interactive technology, location based services and outdoor digital media network. Touchmedia will strive for the combination with interactive technology of mobile phone terminal, to develop a richer marketing service mode with the accumulation of smart data base; and then to complete the effective transformation from ‘passenger - user - consumer', so as to create a closed-loop business model integrating 020 and smart consumption data.”


For carrying out its strategic transformation more deeply, Bernard Auyang also says, ” Starting from Shanghai, Touchmedia is gradually upgrading 50,000 interactive screens in 7 main cities across the country (including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Hangzhou and Hongkong). Meanwhile, the company is continuing to expand the footprint in other cities. Yet, taxi mobile channel has its own unique attributes after all, so the company is more cautious about local partners selection.”

At the seminar, experts among various fields including industry renowned Media Research Institute Nielsen, domestic popular e-commerce website YIHAODIAN, as well as New York independent advertising agency Anomaly, brought their insight into “mobile marketing”. At the same time, three new services and products of Touchmedia showed up in a unique and entertaining way, which are【Touch Fun Points】members points service,【in-Taxi Charger】service, and【Dual Screen Interaction】function.

"Taxi Passengers with Quality Life”: Significant Marketing Potential

What kind of audience is in-taxi media facing? What characteristics do they have? Deputy Director of Nielsen Media Research Institute Leigh Li interprets:” In general, urban taxi passengers are a highly educated and high income group. The market research of Nielsen carrying out in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Qingdao reveals: During weekdays, 70% passengers take taxi for work; During weekends, nearly 60% passengers take taxi for shopping while the rest 40% of them take taxi for gathering with friends and family. The average length of each trip takes about 23 minutes.” Meanwhile, the research also finds out among the passengers who notice Touchmedia screen, up to 90% of them are willing to interact with the advertising. Based on most passengers’ demand, it is not difficult to infer that the most popular content on the screen is Food, Entertainment and Travel, respectively. At the same time, the environmental characteristics of taxi media differ from other outdoor media, making the taxi media interactive environment more comfortable and convenient.

Product Innovation Process: Passengers- Centered, Create Value for Brands

Based on the transformation strategy, Touchmedia has launched several brand new products with functionality, serviceability as well as product attributes, which indicates the first step of Touchmedia transforming from simple outdoor media into tech-media.


【Touch Fun Points】is the upcoming wechat member points exchange service of Touchmedia, which is now firstly cooperating with YIHAODIAN. Passengers are able to collect reward points by clicking Touchmedia interactive screen in the taxi and then those points can be converted to cash coupons at YIHAODIAN while reach to a certain amount. Chris Guo, the Vice President of YIHAODIAN says,” Touchmedia occupies the critical fragmental time of urban white-collar passengers, which is an undeveloped Blue Ocean of e-commerce. The high quality service of YIHAODIAN and the high interactive rate of Touchmedia, makes it possible for both of us to convert interactive times into points via the taxi screen, and exchange cash coupons of YIHAODIAN combined with mobile QR code scanning, thus creating an innovative mobile consuming closed-loop mode. In the near future, through combining with the smart data of Touchmedia, we are very expecting to create the world’s first mobile channel e-commerce service platform, to recommend accurate goods for passengers, so as to become the indispensable mobile shopping magic weapon for consumers in taxis.”


【Dual Screen Interaction】 function allows the passengers to download interesting content or e-coupons directly from the screen with high speed for free through connecting the taxi WIFI(aka. TIFI); via TIFI, passengers can even turn their mobile phone to a remote game controller, experiencing smoother entertaining moment. Bernard Auyang indicates,” the quality of WIFI provided by the current market is uneven, and there are many problems on user experience. Whereas Touchmedia offers passengers TIFI service with the advantage of ‘quality and smooth’, ’fast and convenient’ , let them interact with the brand more deeply via mobile phone, which not only enhance the user experience but also the media value.”


Mobile Marketing Treasure: "Content" and "Service"

From the view of consumers, the most remarkable difference between new media and traditional media, is the intimate services that new media can offer to its audience. Based on this cognition, Touchmedia will launch a series of convenient service produced by interaction of touch screen and mobile phone, including phone charging, Taxi ID records, etc. The in-taxi charger service launched first has won numerous compliments on SNS. In the near future,Taxi ID records function will also be launched to facilitate passengers to get back their lost property.


These services and functions can integrate multidimensional data of plentiful scenes, time and click. These data can help Touchmedia to build a more intelligent passenger database. Advertisers are able to understand their target audience better and carry out more precise marketing strategy through the analysis of behavioral data. Also, consumers can obtain information more effectively and make consumption decisions smarter.

As a media, content is always one of the cores. In order to achieve the core value, recently Touchmedia has announced to appoint Anomaly, the New York well-known independent advertising agency, to provide content creation and served as the creative consultant. At the seminar, their cooperated fun video “Finggies Family" debuted. The four “finger figures” created on the basis of Touchmedia new features became the spotlight on the scene, and the interesting stories happened among those characters caused a burst of laughter.

Finally, when it comes to how passengers have a variety of interactive experiences in a secure mobile environment, Bernard Auyang explains: " During every process of upgrading, Touchmedia has never ignored the safety of products. Although the company has always been cooperating with the world's leading car seats (pillow) manufacturer Lear, and each generation of products has been verified by《National Compulsory Products Certification》(CCC) , Touchmedia still collects feedback from all aspects of the professional testing agencies, taxi companies and passengers regardless. The company is so cautious because the final purpose is to ensure the continuous optimization of the whole system, providing passengers with a more secure and reliable audiovisual interactive experience."