International Business

Touch screens powered by Touchmedia

In 2011 Touchmedia launched its first international operations opening in Hong Kong and then, in conjunction with Play Taxi Media, in 3 cities in Canada, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

The taxi environment is a challenging one for electronics. Vibration, heat, static electricity and dust all have adverse effects. With its research and development team in Shanghai, Touchmedia has spent millions of dollars and a number of years developing our proprietary software and hardware. The company has been awarded a number of patents for its pioneering innovations and we believe we are a world leader in interactive mobile screen technology in our field.

As one of the largest companies in its field globally, Touchmedia’s commercial model is proven and it has expertise in all the disciplines needed to build this business from operations, fleet management and technology, to sales, marketing creative and publishing.

Touchmedia is planning to expand to several more international markets in the coming few years. The company will consider partnerships with established operations in international markets which have the knowledge and capital to develop the business.

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Play Taxi Media, founded in 2008, has partnered with Touchmedia to deploy an in-taxi network across Canada.  As the largest taxi media company in Canada, Play delivers mobile advertising, community information and entertaining content to consumers in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.  After a successful response from advertisers and consumers Play is expanding into multiple additional markets.