Community Service

A Responsibility and an Honor

More than 50 Government and Community Awards for Public Service 


Touchmedia has always reserved a significant percentage of its media space, interactive programs and videos, for community service, charity or for public oriented programs. Our medium is uniquely effective at conveying detailed, complex messages in involving and memorable ways. At Touchmedia we strongly believe this applies as much to charities and social programs as it does to commercial ones. A substantial proportion of our inventory in all sections, Theatre and Icons, is devoted to these community services. We are proud and pleased at the success of the many programs we have run for the Beijing Olympic Committee, Shanghai World Expo, The Sichuan Earthquake appeal, The Library Project for underprivileged children, Eco-Art for the environment, WOW for public health, Touch your Heart Donate For Love Blood Drive campaign through all over the country and over 100 more, smaller efforts.

We see this ongoing activity as both a responsibility and an honor and were delighted that our endeavors were recognized in the past by the Beijing Government’s “Media Award for Community Service.”